Wednesday, February 8

Highlights of India Part 1

I've been home in Australia for almost 2 months now, and lately I've found myself reflecting a lot on my time in away in India. I'm missing it a lot, especially the food and the people. So I thought I'd do a couple of posts on the highlights of my first big trip!

As you can imagine, I went totally nuts shopping in India. I bought a ridiculous amount of jewellery (silver is so cheap), clothes and home wares! 

The food in India was amazing! I couldn't get enough of it. There were so many different types of curry I had never heard of before, and I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone. Surprisingly, fresh fruit was extremely accessible, so we ate tonnes of it!
In the south, women wander up and down the beaches selling fruit in baskets on their heads. 
Bargaining for our fruit
Eating street food!!
Everywhere you turned there were spices and more spices!
In the south, there was plenty of fresh seafood.
Chicken Tikka Masala - my staple curry.
Eating on the floor with the pilgrims at the Golden Temple
Cooking lessons with Meenaji

Sunrises and Sunsets
Everywhere we went we witnessed the most brilliant sunrises and sunsets.

One of the reasons India appealed to me so much was the colour. Everywhere you look there is colour!

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