Tuesday, May 31

Photos from the weekend

Before you say anything, yes I know, there are a lot of photos here! But it was a huge weekend full of celebrations for mum and I.

On Friday night we had a family dinner at the local Chinese:
Saturday night was mum's 50th, where everyone dressed up (which is always so much fun), and Will and I were the bartenders:
We were all so exhausted after Saturday night, but we pushed on and did the whole thing again, with my friends this time:
Then finally on Sunday it was our actual birthdays! It was a horrible day weather wise, it bucketed down with rain and the wind was torrential (but it didn't dampen our spirits). We started off with lunch at Ripples, down at Milson's Point (aka Sydney Harbour for all you non-Australians) with my grandpa and step grandma:
 (Creme Caramel with Turkish fairy floss...yum!)
Then we headed off to my grandma and step grandpa's house for drinks, before Will took me out to dinner:
 (This is the beautiful ring Will got me)
I had a fantastic birthday weekend and am looking forward to my last year as a teenager! 

Friday, May 27

A big weekend

(Very creative title, I know.) This weekend is going to be a big(ish) one. My mum and I share the same birthday, the 30th of May. Sometimes it's annoying because I don't get my own 'special day' to myself. But I've come to realise that it is a blessing, because it's a special day we can share and appreciate together. 
Our first birthday together (with dad)

Last year was a big birthday for me, turning 18 (in Australia 18 is a big deal because it is our 'legal' age, unlike 21 in America) and this year it's mum's turn, as she is the big 50! So I'm really looking forward to this weekend:
Friday night we have a dinner with all the family
Saturday night mum is having a 50th with all her friends
Sunday night I'm having friends over to celebrate
And Monday is our actually birthday, which no doubt will be full of yummy brunches, lunches and dinners. 
Oh, and I have to work during the day on Saturday and Sunday....greeeaaat!

I will do a post full of photos on Tuesday or Wednesday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 26

Guess what time it is?

Well at least it will be in 5 days. I'm quick to admit that winter is NOT my favourite season. I am a summer girl through and through, but that doesn't mean I don't also love the season of snuggling by the fire, hot choccies and snow. If it wasn't for these things I don't think I could bear winter. (And yes, I can hear all you northern hemisphere people laughing at me, because Australian winters aren't even that cold). But luckily for me I will be missing out on a whole third of winter this year, with my Indian adventure all planned. Anyway, let's move away from criticizing poor winter, and let me do what I do best on this blog, show you why I love it through pictures!
Dasher and my sister Genevieve playing in the masses of leftover leaves after autumn 
Dew on the grass in the early morning
Hot chocolates down in the snow
Skiing with friends
Big crackling fires
More hot chocolates
Eating hot food in the middle of the snow
And finally, yes I realise how crazy this looks. But this is an example of the silly things winter makes you do. Like having hot outdoor spas then jumping into freezing pools, or running up onto the ski slopes in a bikini (yes I actually did that...Genevieve and I wanted to see who could run the furthest) I think I was just missing summer too much!
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