Tuesday, January 24

Down the coast

Sorry guys, I've been super lazy the last few weeks. Back in business though :) I've been spending my time in the new year catching up with all my friends after being away, working, and getting ready to start Uni! Two weeks ago I went down to my families beach house for a week, my absolute favourite place on earth at Hyams Beach. I spent my time reading Harry Potter, surfing and sleeping so I didn't take too many photos:

My little slice of paradise.

Thursday, January 5

Starting fresh...

I've thought long and hard about my new years resolutions for this year. Most years, they seem to be more of a novelty than a real commitment. They're fun for the first few weeks and then slowly become neglected. This year (like all others of course), I'm trying to commit to them to improve myself and my lifestyle. I feel like I may actually have a chance this year. I have a fresh start and am beginning a whole new chapter of my life, university. So I have four resolutions this year:

 - Be more productive and organised. The way I worked throughout school was a mess. I was always disorganised and confused. I really want to try and stay on top of my work load this year so I can work to the best of my ability.
- Cut down on McDonalds. I'm hoping that this will be the easiest of my resolutions. Every year I try to eat healthier, and it never works. So this year I thought instead of trying to change my whole way of eating, I would cut down on the bad aspects of my diet. Starting with McDonalds - which I am ashamed to say I ate around 2 times a week last year! 
- Get fit. I have already taken the first step into this resolution, by joining up at my local gym yesterday! Now I have to go, in order to not waste any money (which I hate doing). I'm also interested in yoga, I did a couple of classes while I was in India and would love to continue. I have always been an extremely fit person, but since I stopped dancing 2 years ago I have gone majorly downhill. I can't touch my toes, or run for more than 30 seconds without being out of breath. Which brings me to my fourth resolution.
- Do what makes you happy (and what you love). To get the most out of 2012 I want to do things that put a smile on my face. And at the moment that is dance. Thinking about it now, apart from losing fitness, not dancing has had me down in the dumps. Every time I see someone dance I feel a desperate longing to jump on in and simply lose myself in it. And I've decided there is no reason why I can't. So I'm going to start up some casual classes and see where it takes me!

Sunday, January 1

NYE in Sydney

Last night we celebrated the new year by spending the evening at a family friends house in Mosman. We had lots of champagne and prawns, followed by a delicious BBQ chicken dinner. We had lots of fun dancing around the house and celebrating, before making our way down to the harbour to watch the famous Sydney Harbour midnight fireworks. And, of course, we were't disappointed! It was a lovely way to see in the new year, and also to spend some more time with George, before he leaves for the UK tomorrow. 
Happy New Year from Sydney!
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