Meet Carla

Hello there fellow bloggers. I can only assume you clicked the Meet Carla link because you want to know everything more about me. Well here goes.

I was born on May 30th 1992 and raised in Sydney, Australia (no we do not ride kangaroos around by the way... we have cars just like the rest of the world). My upbringing was geographically very boring. I have only ever lived in two houses (both in Sydney and only 15 minutes apart). Last year was my first year out of high school and I spent it travelling and teaching in India. This year I am starting a degree in Communication/Journalism out in Bathurst at Charles Sturt University. 

A few (random) things you probably didn’t know/may like to know, about me:
I have a wonderful boyfriend of 2 years called Will, who I am very much in love with.
I love to ski in winter and surf in summer.
My second and third toes (on both feet) are webbed.
Some weird nicknames which friends and family call me are, Carla Bear (most commonly), CB, Eggy, Hoogavean, Ti Carlos and Alrac.
My mum and I share the same birthday.
I am not a very clean person – I defiantly do not shower often enough and my room constantly looks like it’s been hit by a bomb.
I have a terrible, unexplainable, fear of sharks. Even Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo makes me burst into tears.
I’m a bit of a thrill seeker. There is no ride I will not go on, and not many adventurous things I’m not willing to try. I have bungy jumped which was just amazing, and I’m desperate to sky dive soon.
I’m quite lazy. Although this is something you will never realise or believe until you really know me well.
If I was filthy rich, the first things I would do, would be to buy myself a huge walk in wardrobe and then travel the world.

Nice to meet you!
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