Thursday, July 28

Slow down, SLOW DOWN!!

You may all remember the post I did about a month ago, where I whined about work and India being so far away. Someone help me because now it's all coming too fast and reality is kicking in. This doesn't mean I'm not still excited... just a bit freaked out. I've bought everything I need and the packing process is slowly beginning. *Deep breaths* It's going to be a tiring 10 few days before I leave, with loads of last minutes shifts at work, packing, a very quick getaway with Will, a photography course and numerous outings with friends and family. Wish me luck!! 
Anyway, I have been abandoning my blog lately (sorry guys) so here's what I'm been doing in between work:
 Casually meeting Matt Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom!!!)
 Oh and yes, that is the nightbus
Welcoming a tiny new family friend 
 My auntie-to-be's baby shower (unfortunately I'll be away for the birth... but they're naming her India!)

And finally, attending a charity footy match with some ex wallaby players (Will and his friend got to join in too)
 Dasher watching the game so patiently 
 Dad with his good friend and business partner Mark
 My friend Katie and I got to meet Tahman (the mascot for my states footy team)
 My beautiful family friend Ruby with Dasher
Will going for a tackle 
 Ruby looking for her daddy in the game
Will, dad and two mates, Alex and Anthony 

Saturday, July 23

Blog award

This week I received my first blog award from the lovely Ana over at My (Newly)Wed Life - so stoked! 
So I think how these things work, is that I'm supposed to list seven things about myself? Here goes:

1. There's nothing I am more proud of than being an Australian. I am a very patriotic person and I love everything about my county. In how many countries can you find rain forests, cities, bush land, country sides, snow, beaches, deserts and beautiful reefs? On January 26th (Australia Day) every year I am out in full force with my Aussie pride wearing my green and gold!

2. I have webbed toes. Weird right? Wrong! They're totally awesome and I love them. And before you start freaking out and decide never to talk to me again, they don't look like ducks feet, my second and third toes are just joined. I like to think they help me swim faster, make me unique and are a great ice-breaker (?)

3. I live for dancing. I think it is the most beautiful thing in the world. The way the human body moves, the stories a dance can tell and how it makes you feel. I started dancing around the age of 3 and haven't looked back since. Unfortunately I have stopped this year because of my trip to India but am really looking forward to starting again next year. 

4. As much as I am excited to go to India, I am also slightly scared and overwhelmed. I've only ever travelled overseas to New Zealand (which isn't overly different from Australia anyway) and Fiji. I am leaving my family for 4 months (I've never been away from them for longer than a week), landing in a third world country where I don't speak the language and being thrown straight into a classroom to teach! I'm just lucky I have five lovely girls going through it all with me :)

5. I hate coffee. I tried a cappuccino once and nearly died. So I then tried a mocha...with extra chocolate...and two sugars...and I still hated it :( So I've come to the conclusion that I'm simply not a coffee person (but it's ok because what I lack in coffee drinking I make up in Chai!)

6. I am a complete pig (no I don't oink and roll in the mud). But my living habits are a little disgusting. My room constantly looks like a bomb has hit it and therefor I am always looking for things. And I certainly do not shower enough (but it's kind of ok because I hardly sweat). People say a shower wakes them up in the morning, but it makes me all warm and sleepy and I feel yucky after. My skin dries out and my hair goes frizzy. Not cool

7. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be so I could sing (and not just belting out of key songs in my car). I imagine there is nothing nicer than being able to sing. I've always wanted to audition for musicals. I thrive on acting and dancing but unfortunately I just don't have the voice :(

Thursday, July 21

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

As promised, here are some photos from my trip to Thredbo (my favourite ski resort, about 6 hours south of Sydney). I need to give credit to my mum for some of these photos, as it would have been slightly challenging to take my SLR on the slopes with me. 
The beautiful sunrise on the way down
Super duper keen to hit the slopes
Will, cruising along on his board
The ski gang (minus mum who took the photo)
Out and about in the village
Having drinks at my favourite ski bar - The Denman
Will and George at dinner
                                              Mum and Dad on the slopes                                                                       Will and I going up the T-bar
More drinks at The Denman

Tuesday, July 19

I'm back

As the title suggests, I am back in good old Sydney (I've been back since Friday actually... please forgive my laziness and lack of blogging) and it feels great. Because now I have just under 3 weeks till India! I apologize in advance for the overload of photos you are about to receive, I got a little carried away and took far too many. Anyway, here are some of the photos from my many adventures out on the farm at Cowra.
Afternoon sun through through the clouds and trees
Sunset over the main paddock
                                           Bundy riding on the back of the ute                                                                     One of the various bonfires
Will and Kat having a dance in the paddock
                      Molly looking like a glamour-puss before the races                                                  The excitement after Kat's horse won
The six of us all dressed up for race day
Wandering over to the racecourse to place a bet
Me and my sexy man
Last race of the day (the only race I lost)
Tree climbing is always a big past time at Cowra...
...As is yabbying
Yuuum, dinner!!
This big fella was intrigued by my camera
                                            Peeling paint on the old shed                                                 The quickest way to get around the property
Scenes from the paddocks
Yet another cosy fire
There is nothing more satisfying than fishing your own fresh!
The trip would not be complete without a visit to the cute lambs

I am already SO excited for next year. Stay tuned for photos from the snow.
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