Tuesday, July 19

I'm back

As the title suggests, I am back in good old Sydney (I've been back since Friday actually... please forgive my laziness and lack of blogging) and it feels great. Because now I have just under 3 weeks till India! I apologize in advance for the overload of photos you are about to receive, I got a little carried away and took far too many. Anyway, here are some of the photos from my many adventures out on the farm at Cowra.
Afternoon sun through through the clouds and trees
Sunset over the main paddock
                                           Bundy riding on the back of the ute                                                                     One of the various bonfires
Will and Kat having a dance in the paddock
                      Molly looking like a glamour-puss before the races                                                  The excitement after Kat's horse won
The six of us all dressed up for race day
Wandering over to the racecourse to place a bet
Me and my sexy man
Last race of the day (the only race I lost)
Tree climbing is always a big past time at Cowra...
...As is yabbying
Yuuum, dinner!!
This big fella was intrigued by my camera
                                            Peeling paint on the old shed                                                 The quickest way to get around the property
Scenes from the paddocks
Yet another cosy fire
There is nothing more satisfying than fishing your own dinner...so fresh!
The trip would not be complete without a visit to the cute lambs

I am already SO excited for next year. Stay tuned for photos from the snow.


Gentri said...

Wow! What an amazing trip! And you're off again! Lucky lady!

Ana MF said...

Can't wait to see many many photos of India! Love these ones too!

PS: Did you ever get the email I sent you?

xo, Ana
My (Newly)Wed Life

Whitney Jay said...

The picture of you and your friends dressed up looks straight from a catalog, you all look so cute. This looks like a wonderful trip!


LCR said...

Welcome back! glad to see all these beautiful pics:) My fav is the pup in the back of the ute.

Courtney B said...

LOOOOVE all the pictures!! Ah you are so lucky girl! Can't wait to hear about India!

Anonymous said...

Those are some great pictures, Carla! Ya'll did so much!! I also love your ski pictures from the post above! You definitely stay busy, don't you? :o)

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