Saturday, December 31

Summers long awaited arrival

Since arriving home in Australia we've been experiencing shocking weather, which is completely out of season for this time of year. But two days ago the sun finally came out again (first time being Christmas), creating the perfect beach day. So mum and I grabbed our things and headed up to Palm Beach with George and the Learmonts for some much needed time in the sun. I was so happy to be back on Sydney's beaches, and it finally felt like summer. Afterwards, we went for a light lunch at Beach Road Restaurant where we relaxed and watched the cricket. Perfect summer day!

Thursday, December 29

Christmas in Aus

Most people I know dream of a white Christmas. I don't. I've never had one, not even a cold one. I've spent  all 19 of my Christmas's in beautiful, sunny, Sydney, and this year was no different! There's nothing I love more than running around barefoot in the back yard, working our way through bottles of champagne, soaking up the sun and cooling off in the pool - that is an Australian Christmas. It was a lovely day and the sun came out (breaking the depressing cold streak we've been experiencing) making it feel like a real Christmas. I spent lots of time cuddling my little India and I spoilt her with presents from India (my trip). The highlight was spending the last 4 hours of the evening playing Finska, a highly addictive outdoor game my cousin got from Santa!

Monday, December 26

A different type of India

While I was over traveling in India, my uncle and his fiancé brought their first child into the world and gave me a new baby cousin, who they called... India. I met her for the first time a few days ago and am already SO in love with her!

Saturday, December 24

Back into the swing of things

It's now been 2 weeks since I arrived home in Sydney and I can safely say I'm all settled in. I've started back at work, been catching up with lots of friends and family and am looking forward to Christmas! I've been a total slacker with my blog since leaving India and have taken no photos whatsoever! So it's time to get back into it now and last night I went out and brought my camera along with me! We went out for drinks (at a cute little wine bar tucked away in the city) and dinner at a Thai restaurant in Newtown with the Learmonts, George and another family friend. It's so nice to be back in the actual city of Sydney (instead of the suburbs), especially at this time of year with all the lights!

Friday, December 16

Mumbai and home

The final stop on our big adventure was Mumbai! I only had one day there so unfortunately I didn't see much (and I wasn't in much of a mood to sightsee with all my excitement about leaving the next day). We went to the famous Leopold's (from Shantaram) which unfortunately has been done up and is no longer the dingy old pub hangout it once was. We also saw the Gateway of India and did a bout tour of the harbour. By Thursday night I was so excited I couldn't sit still during dinner. And I found it nearly impossible to get to sleep that night. At 6 the next morning I got in my last Indian taxi and headed out to Mumbai International Airport. I was so nervous and excited the whole way home - and of course I cried like a baby at the airport. It was so bizarre seeing mum, dad, Will and Jamie all standing there. I felt like I was having an out of body experience or was dreaming. I have honestly never been happier in my life than at that moment. 

Monday, December 12


We were so excited when we finally reached Goa!!! This was our time to relax after all the backpacking. We visited two beaches - Palolem in the south and Anjuna in the north. It was very touristy, but a nice way to end the trip. 

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