Thursday, December 1


 Varkala was one of our most anticipated stops on our trip. It's a beautiful beach town, which is built up along the cliff edges and is obsessed with Bob Marley. The day we arrived we had perfect weather (thank god I took some photos) and then it was overcast and rainy every day after that. It was such a shame and we were quite upset as we had 6 days and nights there. So there wasn't really much to do but watch movies, go for walks and eat our way through every cafe and restaurant along the cliff. We found an awesome place called the Rock n' Roll Cafe where we spent a lot of our time. We lounged around there during the day and at night they had live music, trivia and ridiculously cheap cocktails!! There was also masses of fresh sea food at all the restaurants which was a nice treat. As lovely as it was, we were so glad to leave, it got a bit boring towards the end being trapped indoors all day.

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Ana said...

It all looks so pretty!

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