Monday, December 5


We spent 3 nights in beautiful Kochi - a small city in Kerela. We did a backwater tour on tiny canoes and got to stop off at small villages as well, followed had a traditional Kerela lunch on banana leaves. We saw the famous chinese fishing nets and even got to help pull them out of the water. My favourite part was the elephants though. I've been looking forward to seeing some (up close) ever since I started traveling, so this was such a treat! We watched them being bathed and were then lucky enough to ride one. Kochi was such a gorgeous place - it had the most amazing restaurants I've visited all trip. We had lunch one day at Tea Pot, which, as the name suggests, was full of tea pots. It also had lovely cobbled streets and masses of churches - I think there's more Christians here than Hindus. Every shop had a photo of Jesus surrounded by flashing lights (like a small vegas tribute) - it was a very different way of worshipping than at home...interesting.

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Ana said...

Looks like fun! I bet you were happy to see that English breakfast place! :)

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