Thursday, July 28

Slow down, SLOW DOWN!!

You may all remember the post I did about a month ago, where I whined about work and India being so far away. Someone help me because now it's all coming too fast and reality is kicking in. This doesn't mean I'm not still excited... just a bit freaked out. I've bought everything I need and the packing process is slowly beginning. *Deep breaths* It's going to be a tiring 10 few days before I leave, with loads of last minutes shifts at work, packing, a very quick getaway with Will, a photography course and numerous outings with friends and family. Wish me luck!! 
Anyway, I have been abandoning my blog lately (sorry guys) so here's what I'm been doing in between work:
 Casually meeting Matt Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom!!!)
 Oh and yes, that is the nightbus
Welcoming a tiny new family friend 
 My auntie-to-be's baby shower (unfortunately I'll be away for the birth... but they're naming her India!)

And finally, attending a charity footy match with some ex wallaby players (Will and his friend got to join in too)
 Dasher watching the game so patiently 
 Dad with his good friend and business partner Mark
 My friend Katie and I got to meet Tahman (the mascot for my states footy team)
 My beautiful family friend Ruby with Dasher
Will going for a tackle 
 Ruby looking for her daddy in the game
Will, dad and two mates, Alex and Anthony 


Fit With Flash said...

look at you and your cute Australian words. Mates, footy, etc. : ) Fun weekend!

A Lost Feather said...

Ahh so jealous that you got to meet Neville! I'm a huge hp fan :) ruby looks like the sweetest little girl! Great photos :)

Tucker said...

I mean seriously - you couldn't be any cuter. You're going to LOVE india! I'm so excited for you.

sarah nicole said...

India?! What fun! I hope I get to follow your adventures here. : )



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