Wednesday, June 29

Things to look forward to

Lately I have been working overtime to the extreme. I wouldn't mind it so much if I had a job where I could sit down, but walking around serving people for 7 hours a day, 4 or 5 days in a row really wears you out. The only thing keeping me going is is the thought of my fast approaching holidays:

In 7 days time I will be going out to Cowra, which is about 4 hours west of Sydney. 
Our relatives have a farm out there and every July the town hosts the Cowra Picnic Races 
(basically a huge country 'day at the races'). I absolutely love spending time out there 
and cannot wait to get all dressed up and bet on the horses. 

Straight after Cowra in 12 days time I will be heading down to the snow with my 
family and Will. Where we will also catch up with Soph and George. Seeing as I didn't get to
 go skiing last year, I am so anxious and excited!!! Thredbo is my favourite resort 
to ski at, and I have so many great memories there. 

And of course, in 39 days I will start my big adventure to India. Which unfortunately
 still seems like a million years away :(


Ana @My (Newly)Wed Life said...

Sounds like fun!!! India is supposed to be amazing and very interesting!!! I''m sure 39 days will fly by and you'll be there very soon!!!

A Lost Feather said...

i think the 39 days will fly by pretty quickly! especially considering all the fun things you have to do during them :)

i did not go snowboarding at alllll this winter.. i just never made it! no fun.. well.. actually to get really good conditions i have to fly out west.. the east coast of the US has skiing for sure.. but the conditions are typically miserable (at least i think so.. ice.. always ice!) out west is like skiing on fluff haha

oh! and the giant nutella.. i didn't buy it- booo.. it was $60! i guess over time that might save money, but my thought was "i can't spend $60 on nutella!" hehe

Erika Lee Sears said...

OMG India! How fun! I just got back from Asia a few weeks ago and one of the places we went to was Singapore with Little India- and it made me want to go to India so bad. It is going to be so amazing. It was my first time going to Asia and I wish I would have packed lighter because there are soo many beautiful things to pick up while you are there and cheap! :)

Grace said...

oh gosh, I know that feeling!
That feeling when you wait and wait and wait for the holiday to arrive!
Hope these 39 days will pass fast :)

Anonymous said...

The Cowra Picnic Races sounds like something I would love!!! You have a lot of fun stuff coming up!! Anticipating it all is half the fun! :o)

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