Friday, June 24

Oh how the pictures have changed

I feel like lately I haven't really been blogging about what my blog is about (errr hope that made sense). What I'm trying to say is, I need to bring my posts back to the idea of a picture speaks a thousand words. So today I was looking at some old family photos and was thinking just how much photos have changed. Obviously the quality and what we can do with them is amazing nowadays, but I really like the simplicity and looks of 'old' photos. They all just look so classy and professional, like they are from a postcard. Once again, I don't think that made sense, but I don't quite know how to describe what I'm on about. So of course, I'll do what I do best and show you! These are some of my favourite photos I dug out. 
My beautiful grandma 
 Mum and an old friend
 My grandpa and grandma on their honeymoon
 Mum and her brother
 Dad and his brother
 Grandma and her sister (I find this photo is such a stereotype of the 50's)
Mum on her last day of school


Maria said...

These pictures are beautiful. I love vintage images, it's like looking at a completely different world. And those bikinis look so pretty!

Nina J. said...

Greaaaat pics!

oh, lovely day! said...

these pictures are fantastic! i think my favorites are the one of your grandparents on their honeymoon and the one of your grandmother and her friend! thanks for sharing.


A Lost Feather said...

these are awesome! i love looking at old photos of my parents :) unfortunately i don't have many of my grandparents.. but they were all super stylish and lovely.. same as yours!

Mrs F. said...

I think you totally made sense. I love old pictures and sometimes I edit mine to make them look old. I'm weird, I know hehe.

Your pictures are great. Isn't awesome to go back in time just by looking at pictures?

Anonymous said...

Carla, these pics are AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for sharing - I also find a lot of charm in old photos! Your grandmother is absolutely stunning!

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