Saturday, June 11

Will's Birthday

On Thursday it was Will's 21st! We started off by having breakfast at the cafe where I work (and they were so sweet they brought him out a little cake with a candle!) Then I took him on a surprise picnic down at Bobbin Head, which was lovely - but very cold! We had dinner with his family and a couple of friends down at Manly and then headed back to his place for a few drinks (and cigars for the boys). I can't believe he is 21 - I'm so proud of him. 


Mrs F. said...

Sounds so much fun! I love Bdays!
Happy Bday, Will!

Abby said...

Aw, looks like you planned a great day. So sweet ;)

LCR said...

What an adorable couple you are! And it looks like such a fun birthday:)

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