Tuesday, January 24

Down the coast

Sorry guys, I've been super lazy the last few weeks. Back in business though :) I've been spending my time in the new year catching up with all my friends after being away, working, and getting ready to start Uni! Two weeks ago I went down to my families beach house for a week, my absolute favourite place on earth at Hyams Beach. I spent my time reading Harry Potter, surfing and sleeping so I didn't take too many photos:

My little slice of paradise.


Victoria said...

Wow, yea that pretty much sums it up! Your photos are so amazing! I want to take a few photography classes :]] I am s u p e r excited to be your newest follower!
Biggest love,
Victoria from Unlock Your World

Gaby said...

Holy crap, i've never heard of hyams beach it looks amazing! Must go there, is it near sydney?


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