Wednesday, May 18

Love is all around

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Hmmm, I know what you're thinking... how corny of me? I apologise in advance, if you're not into soppy love posts. I'll admit this kind of thing is not very 'me'. But the fact is, I'm in love with love! 
Lately (with the India trip slowly creeping closer and closer), I've realised just how lucky I am to have Will around, and how happy he makes me. He's the biggest part of my life and I love every second of it! 
Here are some of the things I love about him (and the life we have together) so much:

  • He lives so close to me. I have so much respect for anyone who has a boyfriend or girlfriend (or husband or wife!) who they live away from, I don't know how they do it. Will is a 7 minute walk from my house (and even that isn't close enough) which makes it so easy to wander over (actually, that's a lie, we're both so lazy we drive) and see each other. I am so grateful for that. 
  • His sense of humor - I've never met anyone who can make me laugh as well or as easily as Will. 
  • His ability to always be there for me and the people around him. The second I need him, he is always there by my side. Whether I need to be driven somewhere, I'm upset or I just want to hang out.  
  • He knows how to dance (to an extent). There's nothing worse than being at a party or anywhere out and about, where the guy you're with can't/won't dance with you. I love dancing with Will - we kind of have our own stupid style, but we always have so much fun! 
  • He puts up with my photography. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a big one. Will doesn't exactly understand the concept of photography.....i'll give you a second here to gasp.....he is more of a 'live in the moment' type of guy, which I love about him, except he gets very bored very easily while I'm taking photos. But this is something Will has learnt to accept about me and get used to. He is now very patient and understanding when I take photos. Although after a long day any photo I take of him turns out looking like this: 
  • Our routines. It's the little things I love; like our weekly visits to the local Indian take-a-away shop (where they automatically know our order - butter chicken and coconut beef), snuggling on the couch with his cat watching one of our favourite shows Malcom In The Middle, playing hour after hour of Super Smash brothers, or reading Harry Potter together.
  • He is my best friend and he loves me. There's nothing nicer than waking up each day, knowing someone loves you, and would do anything to see you smile. 


Nina J. said...

Great pic's!

LCR said...

beautiful, Clara:) I'm smiling this is so cute right now. It's amazing that you have such a great love and relationship. and he's cute... so that's a total bonus:P Ok, you both are totally cute. Love the photos.

Ruth said...

You guys are so sweet!

My boyfriend lives 300 miles away from me just now, so I am definitely jealous of you guys just being 7 minutes away! But my guy is coming to see me tomorrow :) And is staying for 3 weeks (instead of just the weekend) so I'm very loved up right now too!!


Sophie said...

sappy love posts are the best! cant wait to hang out with you and will when we get to syd! x

Sohan said...

i feel your joy - my boyfriend is an 8 min walk from me, and he makes me laugh, and he can dance, and he puts up with my delta/radio thingy... excellent sappy love post hehe :) X

LonnekeS said...

wonderfull pictures!

Natalie said...

This post is so incredibly adorable! Love it! Thanks for your comments on my blog. :)

Jessica said...

hey carla! thanks for your comment on my blog. I love yours also! I'm following now, hope you'll follow also!
Great photography<3

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