Sunday, May 8

A taste of the Himalayas

Last night I went out for dinner with mum and dad, and our family friends Jude and Andrew, to a beautiful Himalayan restaurant in Glebe. (Jude and Andrew are so good to go to dinner with because they eat out a lot and know about so many restaurants I would never have found). Needless to say the food was amazing, and I will no doubt be returning. I wore out my new Roxy dress I bought online. I'm new to internet shopping (yes, you may laugh) and I love it :) I bought two dresses actually, I will post about the other one soon! 
And after dinner we had tea and coffee at a snazzy little cafe across the road. Complete with raspberry cheesecake and white chocolate raspberry ice-cream...soooooo good!
Just a bit of artwork (possibly could work as a good picture title for my blog? What do you think?)


Petite Voyageur said...

your adorable and that cake looks delish

LCR said...

looked like a great night! and that cheesecakes is making my mouth water:)

A Lost Feather said...

ah i want your outfit! so cute! hehe i wiiiiish no one ever told me about shopping online. can i un-discover it? that would be helpful hehe

wow, teaching english in india will be such an amazing experience. i thought about teaching english abroad, i suppose it's not out of the question now, but i guess we'll see where life takes me :)

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