Saturday, May 7

A little pick me up

I've been feeling a bit sick the past few days, so I watched some of my favourite scenes from my all time favourite movie, The Sound of Music to cheer me up. I used to watch it everyday when I was younger, and my dream was to be sixteen going on seventeen just like Liesl. I love the movie so much and always enjoy singing along to it!

This is my favourite scene:
(sorry the quality is so crap)


Gentri said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick. I feel like all bloggers have been sick this week! So terrible. :( But I'm glad The Sound of Music cheered you up. :) Old movies do that to me too. They're the best.

A Lost Feather said...

boo sick! i was feeling pretty miserable yesterday, but i think i'm all better today, hope you are too!

i'm leaving for california on june 18th.. can't wait :) do you have a date planned for your india trip? and where in india are you going? that would be such an interesting experience!

LCR said...

hope you feel better soon!
thanks so much for the email support with the Aus move... it's comforting hearing from a local!

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