Friday, May 20

A beautiful morning

Weather wise - it was a perfect day today. Not a single cloud in the sky and it was exceptionally warm for the end of autumn. So I decided to have my breakfast out on the back deck, where I was greeted by a little green friend.
He was so tame and kept creeping closer to the camera

I decided to bring my trusty camera along for my morning walk with Dasher
 The autumn colours at the moment are simply amazing! 
Warm, sunny weather puts me in the best mood and for the rest of the day I had a constant skip in my step :)
(This is quite obviously me embarrassing myself with a skip in my step)

On a slightly lower note...i started my painful series of injections today for India. 


Tucker said...

how beautiful! i'm always amazed by the different seasons in aussie (: absolutely gorgeous photos.

Sarah Kate said...

Well, isn't Australia beautiful in the fall!!! I've only been in the spring (which is also lovely), but there's something so special about fall! Maybe b/c it's the last time you want to be outside before it gets really cold! :o)

Totally off the subject, I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to say thanks for the compliment on the header, and ask what kind of chickens you have? :o)

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