Wednesday, May 4


In case you didn't notice, I gave my blog a little makeover... simply because I felt like it :) And I have a proper heading now with some of my favourite photos!


A Lost Feather said...

that 2nd photo in your header is my favorite.. soooo pretty and adventurous!

instagram is an iphone app that basically lets you apply pretty filters to your photos. so fun :)

Nina J. said...

Likeee the new header!!
& new follower. =)

Lady Grey said...

Just came over to your lovely blog via Outside Voice, and I'm glad I found it : )

LCR said...

i love the new photo header. lovely! thank you for your contributions today- Jeffy stole the show! :) Sorry to hear about his passing. He was a super cute little duck.


Emma said...

so cute xx

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