Thursday, May 26

Guess what time it is?

Well at least it will be in 5 days. I'm quick to admit that winter is NOT my favourite season. I am a summer girl through and through, but that doesn't mean I don't also love the season of snuggling by the fire, hot choccies and snow. If it wasn't for these things I don't think I could bear winter. (And yes, I can hear all you northern hemisphere people laughing at me, because Australian winters aren't even that cold). But luckily for me I will be missing out on a whole third of winter this year, with my Indian adventure all planned. Anyway, let's move away from criticizing poor winter, and let me do what I do best on this blog, show you why I love it through pictures!
Dasher and my sister Genevieve playing in the masses of leftover leaves after autumn 
Dew on the grass in the early morning
Hot chocolates down in the snow
Skiing with friends
Big crackling fires
More hot chocolates
Eating hot food in the middle of the snow
And finally, yes I realise how crazy this looks. But this is an example of the silly things winter makes you do. Like having hot outdoor spas then jumping into freezing pools, or running up onto the ski slopes in a bikini (yes I actually did that...Genevieve and I wanted to see who could run the furthest) I think I was just missing summer too much!


Gentri said...

So crazy to think you're going into winter! At least it doesnt get as bad as it dies up here. :)

LCR said...

I'll trade ya a Canadian winter for an Aussie one ANYDAY!!
shake on it?

Sophie said...

i CANT wait to get home to winter!! and cant wait to ski with mink and ed :)
are you going to come down to the snow this season? or saving for india? lets ski together!!! we can stay at ed and ems place.
see you soooon carla bear! xx

Mrs F. said...

I love the last picture of the pool and the snow in the background!
I remember doing that when we were in Tahoe! Awesome! The water was boiling hot though :(

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

skiing is so fun, but the snow is not! You do look crazy, but hottubbing in the snow is actually a lot of fun :)

cheryl said...

it's crazy that it's winter there! it will be summer in san diego soon!

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