Sunday, August 7

So long Sydney!

The past week has been insane! So much has been happening around my packing. Here are my final days in Sydney. Walking around the city, sunset beers with my cousin Matt at Opera Bar, family lunches and dinners, dad's birthday, brunches with friends and a whole lot more. I am leaving for the airport right now, so the next time you hear from me I will be in incredible India!!
So long Sydney, I'll miss you. 


Nonnahs said...

Hey Alrac,
Have the best time away lovely girl!
I love you soooo much and will miss you heaps. Can't wait till you update the blog next!!
Beautiful pics btw, it looks like you've had the perfect last week in Sydney.
Be safe and see you soon,

Alisha said...

Lovely pictures!! Hope you have a wonderful time in India! Can't wait to read about your trip :) What an incredible adventure ahead of you!!

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