Friday, October 21


Today is my last day of teaching, so I thought some of you might be interested to know what I have been teaching the kids over the past 11 weeks.

Day Care
The Day Care kids are so cute and fun to play with, but because they are so young it can be hard to teach them. We do things like:
- Colours
- Numbers
- Alphabet
- Animals
- Fruits
- Body Parts

Our other fun activities are:
- Games (bowling, duck duck goose, what's the time Mr. Wolf)
- Songs (Twinkle twinkle, the crocodile song, fruit salad)
- Craft (hand cut outs, crowns, pasta necklaces, masks)
- Reading books

The Orphanage boys are very cheeky and fun to talk to. Some enjoy learning, others are naughty and don't even try. We learn:
- Maths (addition, subraction, multiplication, division)
- Spelling
- Fruits
- Animals
- Time (this has been our most successful topic, we've taught some from scratch to tell the time)

Other fun activities are:
- Bowling
- Twister
- Jenga
- Simon says
- Heads down thumbs up
- Drawing
- Hangman

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