Tuesday, October 18

Tiger Safari

This weekend us 6 Australians (and Ravi) boarded our first Indian train out to Ranthambhore. We visited a temple up in the mountains with spectacular views and a very spiritual feel, a 1000 year old fort, and of course went on safari in Ranthambhore National Park.
We all went in with very low expectations, as we were told tiger spottings are not too common. So we were absolutely thrilled to find one resting under a tree… where he unfortunately decided to stay (we were told if we did see one they would curiously come up to the truck). But still, we were very lucky and it was amazing to see one in the flesh!
It was so nice to get away for the weekend, I can't wait to start travelling in 12 days!

1 comment:

Sarah Kate said...

Gorgeous photos!!! I can't believe how close you were able to get to the tiger! He's beautiful!!

So what is that deer-looking thing? It looks like a cross between a deer and a kangaroo! All I know is I've never seen a deer stand on its hind legs like that! :o)

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