Monday, March 28

My Top 5

To get my blog going i thought i'd do a post showing my top five favourite photos i've taken. It was really difficult trying to narrow it down to five but i think i've chosen well. 
5) This photo perfectly captures my love of sugar. I bought these in a 
small alleyway down in Melbourne and they were delicious! 

4) I'm instantly relaxed when i see this picture. It was taken up north at Nobby's Beach. A friend and i decided to wake up at 5:30 and wait for the sunrise. Just sitting there staring out at the beautiful view breathing in the crisp morning air was perfect.

3) This was taken at my relatives farm out at Cowra. I've been going there since i was about four and it's a very special place to me with so many great memories. The three guys in the background are my boyfriend Will, my cousin Matt and my friend Rob.

2) This photo captures my favourite time of year...summer. This is down on the South Coast at Hyams Beach - which i like to think of as my second home.

1) Melbourne. What isn't to love? The fabulous shopping, the cute little alleyways and the beautiful old buildings. This is my favourite photo, taken one night after dinner at a sneaky little underground restuarant with my family


Emma said...

this is so good carla!!!! i love the last photo especially!!! so cool xoxox

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog through "The Littlest things" and Sophie was totally right about your pictures, they look great! I love the ones with cupcakes (I LOVE cupcakes, you have no idea) and the one before the sunrise. It's the best time to take pictures! I'll definitely come back! :)


Kandice said...

those cupcakes look SO delicious

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