Sunday, March 27

A picture speaks a thousand words

Who originally said “a picture speaks a thousand words”? Whoever they were, they nailed it. I have been brought up in a family, where I’m constantly surrounded by photos – thanks to my mum, and I have inherited this love from her. I’m constantly taking photos wherever I go. They have the power to make us really look at something and appreciate it, to tell stories and remind us of happy times and to surround us by the things and the people we love. My life would be empty without photos. I’m always snapping pics of the people around me and my room is filled with the memories brought to life by them.
It is my love of photos and everything that comes with them, that has inspired me to start a blog, to tell my stories and write about the things I love. Because there is no better way than to say something than through a photo.
An old photo of myself with my younger twin brother and sister. This photo is blown up and framed in our house. I love it because it reminds me of my childhood and memories with the twins.


vivientse88 said...

that is the cutest photo!!

Kandice said...

love the saying, love the idea for the title and LOVE that photo! soooo cute :D

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