Wednesday, September 21

Thank you Mr. Postman

Every time the door bell rings, everybody jumps up and gets excited in hope that it’s the postman. Yesterday morning as I was heading out the front door on my way to day care, the postman pulled up and he had a package for me from my mum! Not just a letter, but a box! Unfortunately I was running late so I had to put it inside and get going, but all I could think about was my box waiting for me at home. When day care finished I raced upstairs and tore it open to find Vegemite, Milo and more stingose (I’ve been getting bitten a lot)! 
Even though it wasn’t the most amazing package (where’s the lollies mum?) I was so excited. To think that this was sent all the way from Australia was so cool.

Anyway this morning I had my first cup of Milo in over 6 weeks and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Mr. Postman – you made my day.


Anonymous said...

What is Vegemite?? Kraft makes cheese over here, but I've never heard of them selling this product! Just curious! :o)

Ana said...

How nice of your mom! Mine sometimes sends me things too!Gotta love moms :)

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