Thursday, September 1

Weekend adventure

On the weekend, we did a trip 6 hours west to Jodhpur. The bus ride was pretty crappy, with the driver blasting the horn every 30 seconds (no joke, I think bus drivers pride themselves on their horns). At one point during the drive I thought "Wow this scenery reminds me a lot of Australia", and then I realised there were gum trees lining the road!! It made my day and made me feel so happy :)
We arrived at Jodhpur and went straight to a rooftop restaurant for dinner and then to bed. We spent the next day sightseeing around 'the blue city' at Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada (a white, marble memorial palace). We then drove for 2 hours out to the desert for our camel safari. We stayed with a local family who cooked us traditional food and did a show for us - which gave us a feel for the real India. We slept under the stars that night which was so magical.
We woke at 4:30 the next day for our safari. I don't know why Indians used to choose camels as their choice of transport because they are so uncomfortable!! But it was a lovely ride with an amazing view at the end.


Sophie said...

carla, i just caught up on all your india posts - it looks like you are having the best time. im loving the photos!

missing you x

Isabel C said...

wow, these photos are great - it looks like your having an amazing time!

Nav said...

wow I cant believe you guys are in India, just found your blog and love it! Being an Indian and living in Canada, I miss india and your writing is great! really brought back memories!

xo Nav

Ana said...

I love your pictures! Especially the sunshine and the jump ones! And I heard driving it's pretty crazy in India! =/ Glad you had a fun time though =)

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