Thursday, September 15

Things I've Noticed

Having been in India for nearly 6 weeks now, there are many interesting little things I’ve noticed and thought you might be interested in.

- You cannot trust the power and waters systems here. They are constantly dropping in and out. There’s nothing more frustrating than the power stopping right in the middle of writing a long post without saving, or when the fan stops in the middle of a 30 degree night, or when you’re just about to rinse out your shampoo.
(Monsoon rain showers are always an alternative when the waters out)

- The road rules are: there are no rules. Nobody sticks to their side of the road, nobody has seatbelts, and it’s just not Indian driving if your horn isn’t blasting every 10 seconds.

- Cows rule the world. Or at least in India they do. I don’t know why Indians had to choose the cow to worship. They block the roads, poo everywhere, come running at you with their horns, and most importantly, STOP ME EJOYING THE BIG JUICY STEAK WHICH I CRAVE SO BADLY!!!

- When shopping, there’s always the Indian price, and the tourist price. No matter how many times you hear “Yes, I give you best price. Very good deal” you’re still getting ripped off. After a while, you learn what is a reasonable price to be paying for various objects, but until then, always half the price and bargain from there.

Also I have gained SO much respect for Indian woman. Wearing a sari is hard to walk in, not to mention work in. I keep seeing women working in fields, yet they manage to look so graceful in their beautiful saris.


Ana said...

This is a great post. I think it's so important for people to learn about other cultures. And there's no better way than experiencing it! I'm loving to get to know a little more about India!

The Car Addict said...

Cool Blog!

Ever heard about a ё-mobile ? ;-)

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