Wednesday, September 7

Seriously craving...

Lately I feel I am going crazy and am having some super cravings!

 Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream

 A pedicure (my feet have never been so hideously filthy)

 The beautiful smell of gum leaves (I wish I could have brought some over with me)

 A nice big glass of ice cold Milo

 A big warm bubble bath (the cold, dripping shower here just doesn't cut it)

This ones the killer... a big juicy steak. I am seriously going insane in this country without my meat fix!!

What are you craving at the moment?



Alrac I miss you! A milo and a bath would be good right now come to think of it... :) Hope you're having a fantastic time. xxxxx

Ana said...

I'm craving Brazilian rice and beans and some serious beach time. The water in San Francisco is all always so cold! And people here sunbathe at the park! Weird.

inSPYre said...

Hey, love your India pics! I am a cliche but craving chocolate!

Ciao! x

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