Saturday, April 23

30 Photographs

I saw this idea on Sarah's blog (which she found on someone else's) and thought I'd do one for myself. All you have to do is find a photo which matches the text above. Send me through the links to any others - I'd love to see them!

1. someone i spend a lot of time with:
my boyfriend will

 2. a picture of myself:
at Lady Elliot Island

3. a picture of someone in my family:
my mum

4. a picture of something that makes me happy:
fireworks (this was NYE 2008)

5. an old picture of myself:
me at 13 years old

6. a picture of a sibling: 
my younger sister Genevieve 

7. a class photo: 
first grade

8. a random photo of me and my significant other:
don't ask

9. a picture i’ve never posted before:
my favourite alleyway in Melbourne 

10. a relative of mine:
my cousin Matt

11. a person i can tell everything to:
my good friend Rach

12. a picture from everyday life:
my brother Jamie watching telly

13. a picture from a place i love:
Hyams beach

14. a picture that reminds me of old times:
beautiful memories with family friends Soph and Ed

15. a picture from a great night:
my 18th birthday 

16. an unusual picture:
me trying to dance underwater

17. a picture of my spare time:
surfing at Caves beach

18. a picture of the people who are closest to me:
my best friends Briar, Debs, Shan, Katie, Anna, Em, Rach and Rad

19. a picture of a person who is always there:
my dad

20. a picture of a time in life i miss:
bonfires on the beach with my old KCAHS friends

21. a picture from last summer:
playing in the water at Palm beach

22. a picture that makes me sad: 
my beautiful cousin Patrick

23. a picture i always laugh about:
just simply being stupid (this picture didn't end well)

24. a crazy picture: 
bungy jumping in NZ

25. latest picture of myself:

26. a picture of my parents at my age:

27. a picture from the best days of my life:
school days (I haven't even been finished for a year and I already miss it)

28. a picture from my favorite vacation:
New Zealand

29. a picture of an accomplishment: 
finishing my HSC

30. a picture i'm satisfied with:
a photo I took nearly two years ago of a friend


Laura said...

Such a beautiful post Carla. Your photos are incredible! Your photo from the countdown makes me sad too :( Miss the good old PLC girls.

Laura xx

mari b. said...

love the randomness and the yet personal aspect of this post.
those are truly amazing pictures.

A Lost Feather said...

bungy jumping and surfing! you are pretty adventurous! so great :) surfing i would like to try for sure.. bungy jumping- i think i'm too much of a nervous wreck for that hehe

the under water dancing photo is really interesting, i like it!

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