Saturday, April 2

Sick is ick

One of the things I dread most in life has happened...getting sick. Unfortunately I have a horrible immune system and when I get sick, I get sick. So here's how my day has panned out. 

Lying in bed all snug staring out the window with my big box of tissues. 

Waving to dad from my window while he did the gardening. 

Snuggling up with my 'study blanket' which mum bought me for my HSC. Snuggling is essential when you're sick. 

Another sick essential: a big fluffy dressing gown. 

Drinking copious amounts of tea.

This is one of my favourites from T2 - strawberries and cream. 


Laura said...

Aww hope you get better Carla. I'm sick too if that makes you feel any better, so I'm wearing my lovely trackie pants and definitely agree with the copious levels of tea drinking :) Get better!!! On a side note, your bedroom has such a pretty view of the garden!

Laura Nelson said...

At least you look gorgeous while you're sick! :) Hope you feel better soon. You should go sit in the warm sunshine, it'll make you feel so much better :) & drink some emergenC, raspberry is the yummiest :)

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