Monday, April 4

Look whose come back to visit

I was soooo happy on Sunday morning as I took my dog out for a walk, because it appeared that summer had come back to visit! Wearing a pair of shorts and a loose cotton jumper i actually found myself sweating slightly! I rushed home and chucked on a loose skirt and singlet, and it felt simply amazing to stand out on the back deck soaking up the suns rays. Thank you Mr. Sun - you chose the perfect day to come out of hiding, just in time for a Sunday BBQ. 

Although it didn't stay warm all the way into the afternoon, it was still a perfect day spent with old friends. 


Jemima Single said...

Haha that photo of Andrew is classic!

Sophie said...

hahaha i LOVE it! such awesome photos and so wish i could have been there! cant wait until i get to sydneyyy!! xxx

p.s seriously lovingg all of your posts carla. i just caught up on them all. xxx

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