Thursday, April 28

A world of colour

For those of you who don't know, I'm going to India in August (see here). And these photos are inspiring me so much at the moment. India is such a beautiful, colourful country and I cannot wait 3 more months! Take me now!
Photo by Poras Chaudhary
Photo by Steve McCurry
Photo by Richard l'Anson
Photo by Steve McCurry
Photo by Gerald Walker
Photo from weheartit
Photo by Poras Chaudhary
Photo by Steve McCurry
Photo by Steve McCurry


christine donee said...

take me with you?

i can squeeze into your suitcase...

Young People in Love said...

oh my geeeeze. These are AMAZING images! I can't get over how awesome those elephants are! And I agree with Christine, take me with! We can both squeeze in together...just check an extra bag. :)

Laura said...

Have an amazing time! I traveled to India a few years ago and it was truly a life-altering experience. I posted about it on my blog if you're interested in learning/seeing more of the country (though I'm sure you're doing plenty of research yourself!). Can't wait to hear how your trip goes!

bicocacolors said...

hmmmmm such a beautiful selection!
brava brava brava!!!

LCR said...

oh my gosh, beautiful photos! i'm so excited for your travel opportunity!! i hope you can take some amazing photos there to share with us too;) we can live vicariously:)

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! I'm also taking a trip to India, but not until May 2012. My parents just recently moved to Mumbai, and I can't wait to have them show me around the country!

By the way, your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!


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