Thursday, April 21

Back to home base

Image from weheartit
One of my best friends Briar moved to New Zealand earlier in the year for uni, and unfortunately she will be there for four years. But I'm happy to announce she is coming home today for a quick break during the holidays. I miss her so much (even though Skype does help) and can't wait to see her!


LCR said...

so hard being away from best friends... although Skype does rock:)
Thanks for your beautiful photo contributions- you are a great photographer. I can't wait to include them in the upcoming weeks.

LCR said...

oh, and by the way... i'm your newest follower:) yay.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

awwww....I moved away too but nice thing is after 14 years of not seeing each other my best friend and I are still the best of friends. I visited her just last month and it was just sooooooooo awesome that time and distance can never keep good friends apart. =) I hope you guys have an awesome reunion.

A Lost Feather said...

oo yay! that's so exciting :) one of my best friends is on her way down to visit for the weekend, too.. yay!!

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